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Venum Undisputed 2.0 MMA Gloves Review

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Venum Undisputed 2.0 MMA Gloves








Strap System


Price To Value



  • Very well-rounded
  • Excellent for sparring
  • Can be used on the heavy bag
  • Good support & comfortable padding
  • Have thumb protection
  • Strap system is class-leading
  • Hand crafted
  • Materials are of top-quality


  • Very expensive
  • You will have to take care of them

The reason I called the Venum Undisputed 2.0 the “best pair of gloves for training” in my best MMA gloves guide is that they really are. If someone asks me what a true MMA glove is, I would be most likely pointing at this exact model. Venum almost always gets things right mainly because they work with a ton of fighters and they optimize their products to perfection before we get to see them. In this review, I will show you some of the best (and worst) features of these gloves and prove to you why they are some of the most well-rounded gloves for mixed martial arts training.

Key Takeaway:

The Undisputed 2.0 line of products is where Venum can truly be appreciated as a fighting brand. Everything on these gloves from the real Nappa leather, through their foam system, all the way to the hand-made quality is just impeccable and worthy of the price tag. That being said, if you are on a tight budget, these gloves just aren’t for you, since there are other models that are far more affordable and will last you just as much if you don’t train regularly. If you want to check some of the best deals on these gloves, click here…

side view gloveNow, without further ado, let’s jump straight into this!

Overview & Features

I want to begin this review by going through some of the design features of these gloves and show you exactly how the craftsmanship here translated into the training comfort.

Design and Comfort

The design on these gloves has been improved from the previous version and is one of the most striking-oriented out of the whole Venum line up of gloves.

These gloves are really similar to the ones used officially in many competitions, including the UFC, with the single exception of having a thumb strap with some padding for it. If you’ve ever had a silly thumb injury due to an awkward bump or paring a kick with your hand, then you’d know how important is to have that on your gloves. That being said, some fighters think it gets in their way and actively avoid it on their gloves, so it is a matter of preference after all. Almost all Venum MMA gloves have it, which should tell you something…

front view of gloveEverything else about this glove is almost identical to the rest of the gloves. The open palm design transitions to the finger sleeves which are very rigid and are a nice fit once you put the glove on. In fact, the whole shape of the glove fits, well… like a glove, if you get the sizing right. More on that later!

I personally use the Challenger gloves by Venum, but I’ve fought with Undisputed for a few months and I can tell you that for competition fighting, I am yet to see a better glove, although for pure training I find mine a tad more comfortable. The Challengers are just slightly more snug and have better thumb padding. They also have longer wrist wrap which is always a welcomed feature in my book.

Now, let’s take a look at the padding of this glove.


In terms of padding it is a familiar feel to anyone who has spent even a few moments with a Venum product. Their layered foam is great at absorbing hits no matter whether you are sparring, training or doing bag work. In fact, these have to be the best 4oz gloves I’ve ever used on a heavy bag.

Usually, for that purpose, I either get a 7oz MMA glove or go straight for the 10-12oz boxing gloves. Even so, these will do just fine if you have to do a round or two and don’t want to take your gloves off.

gloveThe padding is primarily located above the knuckles and is quite bulky at that part. So much so, that grappling won’t feel ideal with these on. I mean, it isn’t impossible since the gloves are just 4oz, but there are 4oz gloves out there with a far slicker side profile which allow for easier grappling and submissions.

The foam in these gloves doesn’t deform over the course of time. There are a few of those in my gym (which are for everyone to use) and one of them has to be at least a year old and being used daily. Still, apart from some damage on the leather, the foam is almost just like new.

Materials and Durability

There are two highlights for these gloves in terms of the materials used in them and their overall durability.

On the one hand, you got the high-density threadwork which is typical to Venum products and is done with enforced stitches that are far more dense and frequent than normal stitches. That improves almost every aspect of these gloves from the durability to longevity. Usually, that is the weak link of any fighting product and is where the damage first accumulates. That isn’t the case here. These gloves will literally last you as much as you want if you take good care of them.

The other aspect of the durability of these gloves is the premium Skintex Leather. It is synthetic leather that has undergone treatment and is, in result, far more resilient to atmospheric conditions such as humidity, warm, cold, or dry environments.

They also have real Napa Leather models but they are slightly more expensive. If you want to know the differences between synthetic and real leather for any type of fighting gear, check out my article on the topic.

Some would argue that synthetic leather is far better for gloves that are being used daily but I beg to differ. There is a good reason that Bellator, UFC, One FC, and other major organizations all use real leather for their fighting products.

Either way, Venum has tied their pants by having both the Skintex and the Nappa Leather version.

What Are They Good For?

I will always claim that these gloves are one of the best gloves out there for pure MMA training. Your coach wants to do sprawls with gloves on? Easy. You have to spar with gloves on? Perfect. You have to do a few rounds of bag work? Nothing that these gloves can’t handle. You have to go to the ground and grapple? Fine. These gloves will pretty much handle anything you can throw at them in the gym and will live to tell the tales after.

The Strap System

strap system

The strap system here is one of my favorites out of all MMA gloves mainly due to the fact that it allows pre-positioning thanks to the smaller Velcro strap. It is also dead easy to strap these gloves with just one hand.

The Velcro on the major strap is very durable but you shouldn’t expose it to your clothes or other items in your gear bag as it is just a Velcro hook and loop system after all and can be damaged if you aren’t careful.

Now, let’s take a look at the available sizes and weight of these gloves.


One thing I love about these gloves is that they come in a small size. This is especially great for all those little fighters that want to have a proper glove but have too small of a fist and most gloves are just too big. The sizes here are:

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large/Extra Large

Make sure you follow Venum’s guide on how to measure your hand and pick the proper size for you. Take a look:

hand size chart


The price of these gloves is one of the tough pills to swallow here. They are one of the most expensive MMA gloves on the market currently but there is a good reason for that. Everything here is hand-crafted. Everything is super durable and of the highest quality. It is like buying some piece of your fighting training that you might be able to pass on to your kids. I’ve seen Venum products which are older than 5 years and are still better than some of the cheap brands’ products today.

However, if you want something far simpler and far cheaper that will just get the job done with a decent amount of protection for your hand, I suggest you check out my Combat Sports FG3S Pro Style MMA Gloves Review.

Advantages & Disadvantages


  • Excellently padded
  • Great for all-around training
  • Can be used on the heavy bag
  • Strap system is class-leading
  • Materials are top shelf
  • Hand-crafted


  • Very expensive
  • Real leather ones will require some care

Final Words

The MMA Central Rating: (5/5)

As a whole, I admit my obvious bias towards the brand simply because I’ve been training with their products but then again I have been training actively with most other brands too. Still, few were the gloves that left such an impression on me as the Undisputed and Challenger series by Venum. They are just good all-rounders and well-worth your money if you like to invest in things that will last you quite some time. That being said, if you can stomach the price tag, then definitely consider getting these!