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Everlast Train Advanced 7oz MMA Gloves Review

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Everlast Train Advanced MMA Gloves








Strap System


Price To Value



  • Great for bag work & striking
  • Decent for grappling
  • Extremely durable
  • Open-palm design
  • Class-leading wrist strap
  • Have thumb protection
  • Won't sweat up your hand


  • Can feel a bit too pricey
  • Not suitable for competition

When I had to choose my favorite 7oz model for this year, I had a few gloves in mind but ultimately one particular pair of gloves prevailed. That is the Everlast Train Advanced 7oz Training Glove. Apart from coming from a very reputable brand, these gloves have proven their place in any top 10 list time and time again by being basically indestructible in the gym. On top of that, they provide a great amount of comfort for their size and are quite multifunctional allowing you to work on multiple things at once, without having to change your gloves.

Key Takeaway:

These Everlast gloves have always been a favorite model among people who want a multi-functional glove. They are great for bag work, very good for sparring, and can do a decent job if you want to mix your striking practice with a little wrestling or grappling. The open palm design also allows you to train most exercises without having to take your gloves off. Everything here brings a familiar Everlast quality but can also cost you a bit, so if you are on a tight budget there are other cheaper options you can consider first.

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Overview & Features

The Train Advanced gloves feature a very unique open design that is practical and allows for them to be used in a lot of training scenarios. Let’s start with design and see how comfortable they are…

Design and Comfort

These gloves have one major advantage over all the other standard MMA gloves – they are bigger. Size isn’t always everything, but when it comes to pure comfort, the more padding the better. After all these are 7oz gloves and have the specific purpose of dampening your striking impacts while providing you with a true MMA glove feel. About the feel I am not quite sold, since they are designed to not entirely wrap around your hand as some other gloves do.

One example of that is the Venum Undisputed 2.0 which is a classic MMA glove that will be a snug fit and won’t come loose easily, if at all. These, on the other hand tend to move around your hand, especially if you are going for a takedown or use them during grappling exchanges.

open palm gloveFor the grappling part, some people might argue with me, since the gloves make it really easy for you to grab a hold of your opponent but my counter argument is that you won’t be able to easily transition from submission attempts due to the bulkiness of the knuckle padding.

On the top part you have a dual padding combo which hinges at two places. That allows for better outward flexion while still protecting your wrist from damage. The gloves are especially good at blocking punches as well thanks to that.

One other thing which I particularly enjoy here is the good amount of padding on the thumb. Having a few thumb injuries, this is a must for me when I am looking for a new pair of gloves.

Lastly I want to point out that these gloves will keep your hands well-ventilated thanks to the open design. One issue people have is that their gloves start to accumulate a certain smell over time, while these don’t have that issue even when used on a daily basis. Now, let’s talk more about that padding.


The padding on these gloves is particularly interesting. It isn’t the normal MMA glove padding which just protects your knuckles and the first phalanges of your fingers. Instead, it wraps around your fist and covers the whole front area just like a small boxing glove would. The only difference between these gloves’ padding and a boxing glove is that you have your thumb exposed here. Of course, that is made to facilitate grabbing your opponent during takedowns and grappling exchanges.

The padding itself is split into two parts. The main part where most of the padding is concentrated guards the front of your fist, while there is an extra hinged patch which protects your wrist. Nothing hurts more than taking a kick to your guard without having wrist padding on your gloves and the engineers at Everlast had that in mind when designing their training glove.

The thumb gets a little padded patch as well which, in my opinion, is a must for a training glove, unless you want to use it solely for grappling and bag work.

The foam inside these gloves doesn’t deform over the years, although it might compress a little if you use them daily on the bags.

Materials and Durability

Everything on these gloves is bound to last you quite some time, hence their price. The stitches are impeccable and I’ve never seen them fail or come loose. The leather is also super durable and if treated right it won’t crack or become hard.

The finger loops are reinforced too since they are usually the weak spot of such gloves. As a whole, I can’t remember testing out an Everlast model that failed in this particular aspect. They all have their downsides but material quality and durability are never that.

The Strap System

This is where things get really interesting. The strap here is very long, measuring 18 inches. This is literally boxing glove length and it really adds rigidity to your wrist once the gloves are on. What that allows you to do is work on the bags as much as you want without having to worry about your wrists or knuckles.

The strap is a basic hook & loop system which has their patented tri-sector closure which adds extra support and protection to your hand. It also makes it easier for you to wrap the gloves.

What Are They Good For?

These gloves are good for a number of activities but personally I think they are the best at doing bag work. Still, they are excellent for sparring, doing some training exercises or even grappling, although you will have troubles once you are on the ground and want to transition through various positions.

two gloves on top of each otherThat can be summed up by saying that these gloves are quite multi-functional. If you just want a pair of gloves to train with and also want some extra layer of protection for your hands, these are one of your safest bets. One thing they aren’t good at is competing with them.

There aren’t a lot of organizations that would allow such gloves to be used in competition, although some amateur leagues prefer using 7oz gloves for their fighters to improve protection.


As is the case with most other MMA gloves, these only come in the following sizes:

  • Small/Medium
  • Large/Extra Large

I find it that more and more companies adopt this policy of not having multiple sizes (nor female options) and it is quite weird. The number of kids training is increasing, yet companies do not really build their gear around that fact. Let’s just hope that we get smaller glove sizes in the future in order to protect our youngest fighters.


The price here will be a tough pill to swallow if you are on a tight budget. Sadly, there are no cheaper alternatives with the same amount of protection and the same quality. If you want to get these gloves, treat it all as an investment, as they will be by your side for a long time and will protect your hands properly along the way.

Now, let’s see how these gloves measure up against another pair of gloves that people often cross-shop them with…

Everlast Train Advanced Vs. Sanabul Essential Gel Training Gloves

comparing gloves

The obvious difference here is that the Sanabul Essential gloves are closed boxing/kickboxing gloves. They also come in all sizes from 8oz to 16oz making them ideal for both competing and training.

Still, even though a lot of MMA fighters prefer boxing with their boxing gloves, the open-palm design of the Everlast holds a number of advantages including being better in grappling exchanges. It also is far better ventilated and won’t warm up your hands as much as the closed design of the Sanabul will.

Another major advantage for the Sanabul gloves is that they are a really good bargain. I’ve been noticing them more and more in my gym and the reason behind that is that they bring decent quality to the table without costing you an arm and a leg.

So, if you like to spar mostly on the feet and train on the heavy bag, then the closed boxing design of the Sanabul glove is ideal for you, while the Everlast would be a better fit if you like to mix things up or just want something smaller and more practical.

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Advantages & Disadvantages


  • Great for bag work
  • Good for a striking sparring
  • Decent for wrestling and jiu-jitsu
  • Extremely durable
  • Open-palm design
  • Very breathable
  • Wrist strap is class-leading


  • Not ideal for competition
  • A bit expensive

Final Words

The MMA Central Rating: (5/5)

As a conclusion I can say that the Everlast Train Advanced 7oz MMA Gloves are one of the better multi-functional gloves out there. You can spar with them, you can train on the heavy bag or even other exercises. They do an alright job when you are wrestling or grappling but I’d opt for a 4 or 5oz glove if I am going to do that. They are also quite expensive but will last you years to come, so in reality these gloves are a solid investment if you want a sort of all-in-one type of glove.