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Everlast Pro Style MMA Gloves Review

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Everlast Pro Style MMA Gloves








Strap System


Price To Value



  • Great for grappling
  • Very durable
  • Wrist strap is good
  • Semi-open palm design
  • Fairly flexible
  • Good for competition
  • Slim profile allows for easy submissions


  • Not ideal for bag work or sparring
  • Kind of expensive
  • Not very unique looking (can be easily mistaken for another pair)
  • No thumb protection

Another great example of a grappling model is the Everlast Pro Style MMA Gloves. They are quite versatile and for that reason you can see them in pretty much any MMA gym nowadays. These gloves don’t have thumb support and would therefore be unfit to be used in some competitions but they are excellent for fighters that want to further develop their ground game. For that purpose, they are one of the best out there and will last you quite some time before you start noticing any wear and tear.

Key Takeaway:

As with other Everlast products, the Pro Style MMA gloves are built to last. They have a comfortable design that will keep your wrist safe and at the same time will provide excellent comfort to your hand while grappling. The open palm design with no thumb support can be both an advantage and disadvantage depending on what you want to use them for and in which organization you are competing. For me, these gloves give an incredible amount of freedom even when doing tight transitions and have to squeeze your hands through tight spaces during a grappling exchange. If you are a fan of the thumb sleeve design that some gloves have, skip these particular gloves. To see the current best deals, click here…

If you want to see other top MMA glove models on today’s market, I suggest checking out my full Buyer’s Guide, where you will learn more about the different types of gloves and see what to look for in a pair of gloves before buying one.side glove view

Overview & Features

I will start discussing these gloves’ features with the most obvious and recognizable trait they have…

Design and Comfort

In terms of design, these gloves take a pretty classic approach with the only exception that Everlast is going to make a good glove no matter the shape or form. There is a single hinge on top which is between the wrist support and the knuckle padding. It isn’t quite stiff so grapplers will have a relatively free motion with their wrists, although there are some other gloves which are far more soft in that particular region, such as the UFC MMA Gloves. The UFC Gloves have the advantage of being slightly cheaper and more flexible but they are far from the well-known durability and quality that Everlast brins to the table.

In terms of pure aesthetics, the gloves present a similar picture with their White and yellow logo over black and grey background. Not very distinctive in my book, and I have seen a lot of training partners mistakenly swap their pairs. On that note, there is a red on black version which really pops out and would be an ideal solution for someone training in a crowded gym.

The comfort itself is also familiar. There isn’t too much padding on the knuckles, which is great for grappling, but isn’t ideal for bag work or any other type of striking sparring. Still, if your organization allows such gloves, they would make the perfect competition pair. Your hands will be well-protected, while your opponent’s face – not so much. I usually like having thumb support when competing due to a few past injuries I’ve had due to bad luck, but a lot of fighters prefer open (or semi-open) palm with no thumb support.


The padding is alright for such a small glove. The slim profile allows for easier submissions but won’t feel great if you are using them for bag work. Still, the shape and type of the padding fit really good around a wrist and you will be able to do light sparring with grappling transitions without an issue.

As you’d expect from these gloves, their foam doesn’t deform at all even if you train with them daily. I’ve noticed that it only goes stiffer if they are constantly going through wet/dry or hot/cold cycles or after around a year of usage.

Materials and Durability

everlast item

In terms of materials, these gloves have the optimized EverDri technology by Everlast which keeps your hands dry even during intense workouts.

Everything else from the stitching through the leather and the strap system is impeccable and will surely last you for some time.

The Strap System

These gloves feature a full wrist strap which is really supportive and sticks to its place once you wrap it up. What’s more, is that I’ve seen these gloves being more than a year old and having zero issues with that part. Most gloves tend to start breaking up or loosening up exactly at their straps, especially when used every day. These, on the other hand, hold up against the test of time well. Still, it is a basic hook and loop system so treat it well if you want to see it last.

What Are They Good For?

As I’ve made clear so far, these gloves are exceedingly good at one major aspect of MMA training – grappling and any sort of wrestling drills with gloves on. They are super slim and have a good shape around your hand that will allow grappling exchanges. They are also perfect for competing if the organization rules allow it, and in case you prefer similar palm designs.

Due to the slim padding, though, I wouldn’t advise doing any sort of bag work with these gloves nor spar heavily with someone else. The absence of thumb support can also lead to injuries if you aren’t careful when on the feet.


Unfortunately, there are only two sizes here:

  • Small/Medium
  • Large/Extra Large

That isn’t good enough for most people, although the semi-open palms and strong strap system allow for these gloves to fit more fists than I initially thought.


Lastly, the price here isn’t a strong point at all. They are a tad expensive, and are often found upwards of 50 bucks which isn’t great but these gloves also do one thing really well – they just can’t break. If you buy the Everlast Pro Style you should treat it as an investment, even though there are some other Hayabusa or Venum gloves out there which are similarily priced but are far better in a lot of aspects.

One thing that you are getting is the mesh pouch in which you can carry your gloves after the workout. It is netted and quite breathable so you won’t have to worry about any sweat staying in there for too long.

Everlast Pro Style Vs. Core Sports MMA Gloves

two gloves

People often cross-shop between those two pair of gloves for one main reason – the price. Even though the Core Sports gloves won’t give you the amount of durability the Everlast gloves bring, they will surely compensate with their small price tag. Many people feel like buying 4 pairs of the cheaper model is better than buying one of the more expensive one but that isn’t by everyone’s taste. Some people just prefer the longevity of the Everlast gloves.

One other significant difference is that the Core Sports gloves have a thumb sleeve and a completely open palm design, which some people like more for grappling (including me). They have a shorter wrist strap, though, and have bulkier padding, rendering them “not perfect” for a grappling glove.

You can check the Core Sports MMA Gloves by clicking here.

Advantages & Disadvantages


  • A good choice for people who want to grapple with gloves on
  • Very durable
  • Materials are of top quality
  • Wrist strap is great and provides a lot of support
  • Relatively good value even though they are expensive
  • Can be great for competing


  • A little too expensive
  • Some people don’t like the semi-open palm design
  • No thumb protection
  • Not ideal for bag work

Final Words

The MMA Central Rating: (5/5)

The Everlast Pro Style MMA Gloves are one of their best products currently on the market. They are heavily geared towards competition and grappling, although aren’t ideal for people who are doing a lot of bag work or striking sparring. If you are looking for a pair of gloves that will last you quite some time and will keep your hands safe, while making it dead easy to lock submissions, you should definitely consider these.