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Combat Sports FG3S Pro Style MMA Gloves Review

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Combat Sports FG3S Pro Style MMA Gloves








Strap System


Price To Value



  • Very Cheap
  • Fairly Durable
  • Padding doesn't deform over time
  • Great for competing
  • Comply with organiztations' rules
  • Have extra padding for the wrist


  • No thumb protection
  • Don't absorb punches very well
  • Not ideal for training or bag work

When it comes to gloves made specifically for competition there are a few boxes that have to be checked. Two of the more important ones are affordability and rigidity. The Combat Sports FG3S Pro Style MMA Gloves are exactly that. They are cheap, rigid, and padded just enough to protect your hands while complying with the glove rules of most organizations.

Key Takeaway:

If you don’t want to risk your quality MMA gloves in a competition or simply don’t have a decent fighting pair, these gloves are especially good at just that. They are rigid and will handle any punch you throw without damaging your hand while maintaining a healthy amount of hardness so that your punches are really felt. Being 5oz, they most likely comply with most organization’s rules and are just perfect if you want to get your team a few pairs for fight day just so everyone has a backup glove. Click here if you want to see some of the best current deals on the FG3S Pro Style Gloves…

right hand glove

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Overview & Features

Even though the main feature of these gloves is their affordability and simplicity, there still are a few things that can be said about all other aspects such as the design, padding, materials, the strap system, and others. Let’s start with the design.

Design and Comfort

These gloves feature a semi-open palm design that allows a lot of freedom both during striking and during grappling exchanges. It has one strap that goes around the thumb for added stability.

I’ve seen many people use these gloves in the gym mainly for practicing grappling with gloves on mainly due to their slim profile and budget nature. If you want to do heavy bag or sparring, though, you need to opt for something with a little more protection both for you and your partner.

In terms of comfort, the gloves present nothing special. Their padding does an okay job at absorbing punches during MMA matches and is definitely tough on your opponent when you go full force. Speaking of the padding, let’s take a look at that now.


Being 5oz gloves, the FG3S Pro Style will surely have some padding to them and it is distributed exactly like you’d want it to be for a competition glove. There is a thick patch of padding right above the wrist which is great for absorbing kicks to your guard.

Some training gloves don’t have that much (or any at all) padding there which can risk the health of your wrist bones if you take a heavy hit during a match.

The knuckle padding is 3/4 inches in width which is just enough for it to absorb most of the shock. The gloves hold up well against the test of time in terms of their padding as it doesn’t easily deform or become more compact and hard.

Materials and Durability

glove on hand

In terms of durability these gloves are quite rigid. The stitches are rough and there are exposed leather edges all over the place. In other words, the look of the gloves was most likely not a priority when they were being designed but all that contributes to its durable nature.

The leather is synthetic which isn’t ideal but it feels quite good for such and the gloves don’t wear out as fast as other synthetic ones. There are no reinforced stitches here and the finger sleeves tend to become loose after a year of continuous usage.

strap gloveIf you want something that is far better in terms of materials, durability, and longevity, I suggest checking out my Venum Challenger MMA Gloves Review.

The Strap System

The strap system is a simple hook and loop Velcro strap. It isn’t very long, nor it has a second adjustment strap. That makes the gloves slightly harder to put on and adjust by yourself but it is still a fairly easy task.

By having a short strap, you might be able to put hand wraps beneath the gloves since there won’t be too much bulk above the wrist. Still, make sure you check with your organization’s rules before you do that.

The Velcro can easily become loose if you don’t take proper care of it, so make sure you keep them in a separate bag or always strapped when you aren’t using them.

What Are They Good For?

Let’s face it – these gloves aren’t ideal for training, there is no way around that. They don’t absorb shock far too good for you to be using them on the heavy bag. They also are quite hard making them not-so-ideal for sparring.

Where these gloves excel is competition. Their price tag means that you can spare them if something happens to them and they can also be used for a back-up pair of gloves for the whole team. They are made so that they comply with most organization’s rules

Size & Weight

As I mentioned, these are 5oz gloves meaning they won’t be too bulky, especially since there is a thick layer of padding above your wrist. What surprised me about these gloves is the variety of sizes they have. These are the current size options:hand in glove with thumb

  • Jr
  • Small
  • Youth Medium
  • Youth Large
  • Regular
  • Large
  • X-Large

This shows you that the company cares about all the young up-and-comers unlike most other premium brands that just make gloves in Medium and Large/Extra Large sizes and ignore the kids and women sizes.

Another cool feature of these gloves is that they come in a lot of different colorful color-options. If you want to get a few pairs for your kids in the gym, differentiating them by color is a great way to keep each pair to its owner without mistakenly using other people’s gloves. Brighter colors are also easier to track by kid’s eyes when they are developing their fighting reflexes.


The price is the best feature of these gloves. Certain sizes can be below 20$ which is insanely low for a glove that comes from a reputable brand and you know that it will last some time. If it is specifically for competition that you are getting them, chances are that they will last you years.

Now, let’s see how they measure up against some of the most common gloves people also buy in this price bracket…

Combat Sports Pro Style Vs. Cheerwing MMA Gloves


When compared to other gloves of similar price like the Cheerwing MMA Gloves, these Combat Sports gloves hold their ground fairly well. They lack some features like the thumb support or a more flexible hinge system between the padding patches on top but they will surely last you more time than other generic cheap brands.

The quality of the synthetic leather on the Combat Sports gloves is higher than the Cheerwing M4s. The slight advantage of the Cheerwings is that they are better hinged at the top and have slightly softer padding, which makes them better for training and sparring.

Still, if you want to go with the glove that will last longer, opt for the FG3S MMA Gloves.

To check some of the best deals on the Cheerwing MMA Gloves, click here.

Advantages & Disadvantages


  • Very Affordable
  • Fairly durable
  • Padding doesn’t deform over time
  • Semi-open palm design
  • Thick layer of padding above the wrist
  • Can be used with hand wraps
  • Comply with most organizations’ rules


  • Velcro wrap is too short
  • No thumb protection
  • Padding doesn’t protect your hands too much

Final Words

The MMA Central Rating: (4/5)

What I can say in conclusion is that there are few sub-20 dollar MMA gloves out there that are good enough for you to compete with. These will surprise you with their rigidity and durability and will hit hard whenever you swing for a punch. You obviously sacrifice some features by dropping the price so low, but that is the whole purpose of these gloves – to be able to have a fighting pair without having to spend a fortune for premium gloves.