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Brace Master MMA Training Gloves Review

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Brace Master MMA Training Gloves








Strap System


Price To Value



  • Budget-friendly
  • Time-tested design
  • Double-strap system
  • Thumb protection
  • Great for beginners


  • Long-term durability isn't stellar
  • Not ideal for sparring
  • Bag work will wear them out fast
  • Stitching is prone to tearing

Nowadays, the budget MMA products are slowly blending in with the more expensive models in terms of quality and performance. The Brace Master MMA Training Gloves are a pure example of that. They are practical, very comfortable, super cheap, and come in a variety of sizes and colors. Of course with cheaper products, there is always a trade-off and the one here is that these gloves won’t last you as much as a pair from, say, Hayabusa or Venum but they will do the job just fine and won’t burn a hole in your pocket in the process.

Key Takeaway:

The main appeal of the Brace Master MMA gloves is that they are extremely affordable compared to other gloves with similar design characteristics. For beginners, these provide sufficient padding for light bag work, light sparring, training, and grappling. Their padding is a bit on the firm side but at least it won’t deform a lot over time. And while long-term durability is questionable, the unique design and cheap price tag make them the perfect pair of gloves for anyone who’s walking into the MMA world.

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Overview & Features

The very first thing that will leave an impression on you here is that these gloves use a very similar and established MMA glove design. There are some premium models like the Venum Challenger and Undisputed series that have the exact same padding layout. While normally I don’t approve of brands copying from one another as it staggers progress, this is actually a great move by Brace Master. Why fix something that already works, right?

This is one of the main reasons so many trainers and MMA fighters go with these – they feel and perform like a Venum glove on a budget. Now, you will sacrifice some of the long-term durability by not paying the Venum price tag but if you’re a beginner or don’t train as often, these should hold up just fine.

The Strap System

As with the rest of the features, the strap design mimics that of more expensive MMA gloves. It has a dual-strap system that uses a smaller Velcro strap to fix the glove in its place. Then, you can wrap the bigger and longer strap around your wrist as you prefer it. That mechanism makes one-handed operation very easy and more and more people get used to having it on their gloves. The hook and loop system here doesn’t tear too much over time and the grip of the strap remains strong even after one year of training with them. What is a potential weak point is the stitching around the Velcro straps on the glove. As a whole, stitching is one of the main concerns here.

Design and Comfort

As I mentioned, the design here really mimics the language of most Venum MMA gloves. What I really like about it, though, is that it has an open-palm design with thumb protection. This really emphasizes this glove’s goal of being good both in stand-up sparring and in grappling, as your hands will be well-ventilated and won’t sweat too much to hinder your grip. There is thumb protection which is a must for sparring in order to prevent unwanted injuries but it will get in the way when you’re grappling with those.

Materials and Durability

The whole body of the glove is made out of high-quality leather that truly sticks out as being good when compared to other cheap pairs. Leather really does work great for sparring, even though there is a moderate risk of damaging it if you do too much bag work.

The sponge foam on the inside of the glove is on the firm side, as I pointed out earlier. It does curve a bit inwards, though, which makes it good for some competitions that have that as a requirement. The finger loops are also perforated for them to breathe easier and sweat less.

Luckily, the materials here allow for the gloves to be easily cleaned and taken care of. After your workout, you can just wipe them with an anti-bacterial or disinfectant spray and wipe them clean. Air drying them is fine but do not machine wash or tumble dry them, as that can damage them.

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What Are They Good For?

At this point, you might’ve guessed what these gloves are geared more towards. Since their long-term durability isn’t stellar if you train with them constantly, they are often used as training gear for beginners or as competition gloves that don’t get used as often as the other pairs in the gym. Still, they are decent for light bag work, light sparring, and even grappling, although the thumb protection will get in your way eventually.


In terms of sizing, there are 3 available at 4 oz – Small, Medium, and Large. All three of those are pretty true to their fit and are great for both younger people and men with large hands. Additionally, Brace Master offers more volume options which range from 4 oz to 14 oz but everything from 6 oz upwards is in a boxing glove form. The padding and build quality remain pretty much consistent throughout the different sizes. There are a lot of color options which is great if you’re getting a lot of these for a gym since everyone training there will be able to recognize their own pair. There are white, black, red, and grey options for the MMA gloves and white and black for the boxing ones.


Price-wise, all the different sizes are pretty budget-friendly, making this one of the most affordable pairs of MMA gloves I’ve reviewed recently. If you’re just now starting to enter the world of MMA, spending this amount of money on a pair of new gloves is completely appropriate and is also a good investment since these will last you a decent amount of time before you swap them for a more premium pair.

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Advantages & Disadvantages


  • Budget-friendly
  • Comfortable time-tested design
  • Double-strap system
  • Thumb protection
  • Great for beginners
  • Good for training
  • Good for pad work and grappling


  • Long-term durability isn’t stellar
  • Not ideal for sparring
  • Bag work will wear them out fast

Final Words

The MMA Central Rating: (4.5/5)

As a whole, there are certain things that aren’t ideal when it comes to the Brace Master MMA gloves but they are still one of your best bets in this price class. The durability is on par with that of all other budget pairs but the design characteristics really make these stick out from the rest of the competition. The curved padding, double-strap system, open palm design, and a few other features make these great for competition and a good-enough cheap alternative for the gym.